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Featured on our Menu This Week:

Fermented Vegetables

Fermented Green Coriander Pickles

With spring in full swing we are feeling like a kid in a candy store- so much delicious produce, we don’t even know where to start. But as with all good things, they won’t last long. Chef Kadie Vita recommends fermenting your favorite produce to ensure you can enjoy it well into the winter months. Click the button below to download Chef Kadie’s Green Coriander Pickles Recipe, a favorite of many of our guests. 

This Week’s Menu

Delicious Bites
House Fermented Pickles
Tomatero Farm Leek Galette
Crispy Fresh Monterey Sardines, Charred Citrus Aioli

On the Table
House Marinated Olives


First Course
Marin Roots Farm Spring Salad Mix, Edible Flower Vinaigrette, Flower Confetti
2018, Rosé, Navarro

Second Course
Wood Fired Balakian Farm Heirloom Baby Squash, Salsa Verde, Spring Herbs
2018, Rosé, Navarro

Third Course
Wild California King Salmon, Crispy Potatoes, Front Porch Farm Purple Snap Peas, Sonoma County Garlic Honey
2016, Viognier, Zaca Mesa

Fourth Course
Muscovy Duck Confit Agnolotti, Pioppini Mushrooms, Brown Butter
2014, Cuvée Alis, Amapola Creek

Grilled Peach Farm Garnet Cherry Shortcake, Fennel Ice Cream