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Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve temporarily suspended the communal dining experience. Join us Friday – Sunday from 11:30 am – 7:30 pm for an outdoor food market experience, including wood-fired pizzas, beer, and wine, all offered with your safety in mind. You can still enjoy Anaviv’s delicious menu, in the comfort of your own home. Order for delivery or curbside pickup.

Anaviv's open marketAnaviv at home

The East Bay’s most intimate dinner party

Thursday – Saturday
One seating at 7:00 pm

About Anaviv’s Table

Anaviv’s Table is a gathering place for people to experience delicious food sourced from local farms and ranches. It is an opportunity to dine with old friends or make new ones while celebrating the bounty of our region.

We offer one tasting menu from Thursday through Saturday, with one seating at 7 pm.

The experience begins in our kitchen where guests will get to meet the Chef and get an inside view of our kitchen, all while enjoying delicious bites. After that, we move to our communal dining table for a fun dinner party. 

We happily accommodate all allergies and other serious dietary restrictions, as long as we know about the restriction at least 48 hours in advance. We recommend that diners come with an open mind, ready to try new things.

Chef Ian McQueen

Chef Ian McQueen brings a distinct approach to our menu. 

Celebrating something special?

We are happy to help you plan the perfect evening. Feel free to contact us at table@anaviv.com for more information

Thursdays at Anaviv’s Table

We’ve always believed that eating less meat is good for our health and great for the planet. That’s why we’re excited to offer a new format for our Thursday menu; one where meat is the side dish.

 Thursdays now consist of a four-course menu where plants and vegetables shine with animal protein serving a supporting role rather than being the main focal point.  We’re confident that our plant-forward menu will delight the most dedicated carnivore with the intricate textures and flavors found in plants and vegetables.

As always, we are happy to accommodate all dietary allergies and restrictions. Please note of any during the purchase of your tickets. 

View our Thursday Menu




“Marvellous food charmingly presented!”

“[…] a great social experience in addition to a fine dining one. Heartily recommend for an adventurous night out with your partner or date.”


“The service was impeccable and the food was delicious”

“ Visiting this restaurant is like going to a dinner party hosted by your best friend. Can’t wait to go back. ”


“We were impressed from the very first bite”

“The quality and freshness of the ingredients inspired us to go to the Farmer’s Market in Marin the next day!”

– Caroline

“Anaviv’s Table was a wonderful experience!”

“The meal was exquisite with each dish presented by the chef and paired with a fabulous local wine.”
– Yael

“Elegant food in a surprising setting”

“Anaviv’s Table offers a new concept for Bay Area diners. Ben Ortega, a guest who attended recently, sums up the evening as “cozy and unpretentious.” He adds, “I thought meeting the chef, seeing him in action and having him describe each dish was a nice touch that made the experience more personal and intimate. The food was excellent, but at the end of the day, the evening was great not because of one thing only, whether the food, the drinks, the service, the great people, or anything else, it was the combination of all of the above that made it truly memorable.””

– Edible East Bay

“Anaviv’s Table offers high-end fare in an intimate dinner party setting”

“We experienced the rest of the evening sitting at the communal table. Five additional courses were served, including a salad; a surf-and-turf dish with lavender and vanilla-cured pork belly, seared scallop and grilled wild prawn; a risotto with corn and chanterelles; a grass-fed steak with potatoes; and a saffron panna cotta. Wine pairings were equally generous and were chosen from Russian River and Sonoma wineries by Anaviv’s director of hospitality and operations and Vigil’s wife, Dee Wagner.”

– Berkeleyside

“A cozy 10-seat communal supper club experience”

“ To get truly off the beaten path during a day trip to Richmond, try and score a seat at the reservations-only Anaviv’s Table (600 Hoffman Blvd.), a cozy 10-seat communal supper club experience tucked into a collection of industrial buildings. The dining experience begins with a chef meet-and-greet over cocktails in the kitchen, followed by a multi-course, farm-to-table meal served around a rustic wooden table, including California wine pairings.”

– 7×7

Hours of Operation

7:00pm seating

Contact Us

600 Hoffman Blvd, Richmond, CA 94804


For media inquiries:
Jaime Dooley

Your ticket purchase includes a multi- course tasting menu, a welcome specialty cocktail and wine pairings.

$118.50/person + tax

Friday & Saturday:
$127.50/person + tax